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A couple of weeks ago I shopped Siena for a new pair of Jeans. Never much fun that one, and even worse if you are trying to find those Jeans in company of a 5 and a 7 year old.  So there I was sweating away in one of Benetton's changing rooms. Sweating because a) the Jeans didn't fit (obviously) and b) knowing that my children are on the loose in a store isn't anything that makes me normally feel very zen.  Just the idea of the disapproving looks from the understandably annoyed shop attendants. However, this time I could have taken my time in that changing room. For once my kids weren't dismantling the store's interior design. Quite to the contrary! They were calmly standing in a corner contemplating the ceiling and counting an amazing amount of artfully painted figures and characters. Benetton Siena has frescoed ceilings most new world museums can only dream of. I had never realized before! To my excuse, I may add that in most shops the ceilings aren&#