A WEEK OF ART, CINEMA and MUSIC IN SIENA: September 23/30, 2012

Simone Vallerotondo playing Santiago de Murcia

These are busy times in Siena. Culturally speaking. With the SIENAFESTIVAL in full swing (e.g. with the baroque concert of Simone Vallerotondo) and the presence of Sienna Miller during the TERRA DI SIENA film festival announced, the rest of the city doesn't sleep.

On Tuesday, 25th of September the Siena Art Institute organizes the second artist talk of the month, this time with Japanese painter Satoko Motouji from Kyoto, Japan. The artist has a deep link to the city of Siena and the landscape surrounding it (the famous Crete Senesi). Her recent works in handmade paper and ink are an expression of her inquiry into Japan's artistic and philosophical traditions. 

On Saturday afternoon (September, 29) Siena's natural history museum, called L'Accademia dei Fisiocritici, will have a special opening to celebrate the 2012 European Heritage Days. Entrance to the museum will be free.

The core concept of the European Heritage Days is in fact free museum entrance to spur the public to visit (or re-visit) Italy and Europe's state museums. This is a great chance to visit Siena's Pinacoteca Nazionale (the museum is home to some of Sienese art's master pieces), which offers free entrance on Saturday and Sunday.  

Tuesday 25th September 6pm 
stARTers - artist talksSiena Art Institute
Via Tommaso Pendola, 37 - Tel 0577 532001 
Presentation in English. The meetings are for free. 

Saturday, 29th of September, 9.30pm
SIMONE VALLEROTONDO, Santa Maria degli Angeli 
Check out the website of SIENAFESTIVAL for more events (exhibitions, guided visits to Siena's library and concerts, dance & theater performances). 

Saturday, 29th of September, 3-5pm

Free visits to the museo dei Fisiocritici 
piazzetta Silvio Gigli, 2 (Prato di Sant'Agostino)

Saturday, 29th and Sunday 30th September

Free visits to Siena's Pinacoteca Nazionale
You can find the museum opening times on our Siena Museum Page. However, it may be wise to check their website or ask at the tourist office about special opening times in regard to the European Heritage Days. 

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