If you are an expat living near Siena, you may already have checked out the city's beautiful library. If you're also a parent with kids, you may want to go back. In 2006 Siena's library opened a colorful and lovingly furnished children's section that may turn the most football crazy 7-year-old into a bookworm. 

But that's not all. Every Saturday in autumn and winter Siena's library organizes storytelling sessions for kids (in Italian only). Newly acquired books are presented to children of all age and laboratories are hold to introduce the kids to the works of Sienese master Duccio (but also Giotto and MirĂ²). Two age groups exist: 4-6 and 7-10 years old. Check the  library's timetable for the different events (there are even a few ones for toddlers). 

So, let's drop the kids and in the meantime explore the library's newspaper section or start a quest for the rediscovery of some ancient book. 

BIBLIOTECA COMUNALE, Monday to Friday 9am-6.30pm, Saturday 9am-5.30pm
Via della Sapienza, 3, 
53100 Siena
Phone: +39 0577 28 29 72

No kids but curious to know more? Siena Festival 2012 organizes a guided visit in Italian to the Edificio della Sapienza. The 7000 square meters of the 'building of wisdom' have been housing the library since 1758. With the strangely sounding name of Libreria degli Intronati, the library would make for the next great location for a Dan Brown book.
Saturday 13th of October, 10am. Visit for free, but booking necessary: +39 392 8319892
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