STARGAZING IN SIENA, Saturday October, 6 2012

Tuscany's sky! That's one of things friends and family keep being amazed with when they holiday with us. And it's not just about romantic sunrises and stunning sunsets. It's about the stars (shooting or not), the moon, and oh look, is that the milky way?! 

Full moon rising in Tuscany
Just another moon rise in Southern Tuscany

The low population density, the nearly absence of suburbia and the scarcity of industrialized areas mean, yes, nights are still nights in the spacious Tuscan countryside (to a degree that some city-dwellers wished they had brought a torch or even a stick along - at least after they heard about Italy's wild boars). 

If you have a soft spot for stargazing, join Siena's astro loving society for an introduction to the constellations in the Tuscan autumn sky. The event will happen only with reasonably good weather. Yep, Tuscany is close to perfection, but clouds can be an issue even here. 

Saturday, 6th October, 9.30pm. Meeting point: Porta Laterina. 

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