One thing that really shocked me when moving to Italy, is that you can't get by without owning a car. Even more if you end up in the Tuscan countryside. It must be a bit like living in the US. Public transport is not very efficient and walking is seen as something that you try to avoid if you can. 

So watching Siena's Urban Trekking initiative grow from year to year really fills me with joy. In its ninth year the trekking movement has spread from Siena to 33 Italian cities. The guided walking only visits to some of Italy's most beautiful towns are organized twice a year in April and October. The trekking itineraries are cultural at heart and much more than just another tourist trail. 

Siena's backroads: Tuscan brick walls and beautiful doors
Siena beyond the obvious:
time to explore some backroads

Lesser known corners of Siena and the participating cities are discovered and stories are told that many a local may never have heard of. Last but not least, the concept of walking (it's fun, it's healthy, it's practical) is brought closer to the population. Yes, you'd think we all know about the rather obvious benefits of putting one foot in front of the other. But it looks like we can all do with a reminder from time to time.  

URBAN TREKKING DAY 2012, Saturday 27th of October. 

And being in Italy, a day spent trekking can only come full circle if it is paired with a foodie event. A selection of Siena's restaurants joined the Urban Trekking movement with a special menu for the day. Prices are good and the food is strictly local. More info can be found on the Mangiare Siena website.  

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