It is a tough week in Siena. Instead of getting better, the crisis of the world's oldest bank (MPS was founded in 1472) has turned into a full blown nightmare. Evidence is mounting that the bank's former chairman Giuseppe Mussari and some of his co-workers may have main responsibility for the massive losses accumulated by Italy's third biggest bank. (See Bloomberg news for regular English language updates in regard to Giuseepe Mussari and the situation of MPS).

Monte dei Paschi Head Quarters on Siena's piazza Salimbeni
MPS headquarters: Things definitely looked brighter in the past

Bitter Orange is the title of a dance performance that suits the momentary climate in the city of the Palio only two well. Second part of a triology by the Francesca Selva dance company, the performance will take place this Saturday night at the Rinnovati theater in piazza del Campo.
Considering that a huge amount of Southern Tuscany's cultural life has been supported by the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi (the foundation of the MPS), we better fully enjoy every single live event or museum exhibition coming our way in these months. Siena's contemporary cultural programm hasn't been keeping us madly busy in the past, but things are due to become even much more quieter in the near future.  
TEATRO DEI RINNOVATI, piazza del Campo 1, Siena
BITTER ORANGE by Francesca Selva and Marcello Valassina 
2nd of Febbruary 2013, 9.15pm (theater ticket office open from 4pm)

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