Weekly vegetarian dinner at restaurant Tre Christi Siena
Siena goes vegetarian
every Thursday night at restaurant Tre Cristi

A weekly vegetarian evening in Siena? I'm still speechless. Even more so, as the meat free night out is presented by Tre Cristi, one of Siena's best restaurants. Tre Cristi has been cooking Tuscan delicacies (with an eye on fish) since 1830. And now they're serious about a veggie night? Nothing over tradition going hand in hand with innovation.   

Life as a vegetarian in Tuscany is great. As long as you eat at home. Fresh vegetables and high quality ingredients, organic olive oil or special treats like the prized saffron from Val d'Orcia make do-it-yourself an enjoyable feat. But in regard to eating out, vegetarians aren't spoiled.

It's true, most Tuscan restaurants have a couple of dishes on the menu that are meat free. Not because they choose to cater for vegetarians or vegans, but because of the local ingredients found in the region's traditional recipes, which in many cases are simple but delicious soups: Zuppa di Ceci (chickpea soup) or Acqua Cotta and Zuppa di Pane (bread soups with lots of vegetables), but also pasta like Tortelli burro salvia (big size ravioli with a spinach ricotta filling eaten with butter and sage on top), Siena's Malfatti (spinach ricotta dumplings called Gnudi in Florence) or Pici all'aglione (homemade thick spaghetti with a tomato garlic sauce). 

However, once you've had any of the above a few times in a row, life gets a little boring. In fact after over a decade in Tuscany, I hardly dine out. My Tuscan mother-in-law's Zuppa di Ceci or homemade vegetarian Lasagne (with artichokes or zucchini replacing the meat) are to die for - so why pay for it?

But since I've seen Tre Cristi's vegetarian menu for this Thursday night (17th of January), it struck me that at last there is something I can't get at my in-law's, let alone prepare at home! 

Insalatina di misticanza con noci e arancia

Bigné ripiena di Hummus di ceci speziato con purea di zucca invernale

Caviale di melanzana  con bastoncini di polenta al forno saporiti

Sformato di cavolfiore con gallinacci e vellutata di patate e porri

Primi Patti
Zuppa calda di Semi quinoa con ricotta biologica

Secondi piatti
 Involtino di verza ripieno di riso formaggio caprino e frutta secca

Chips di patate profumate al timo

Crema bruciata alla vaniglia

Don't speak Italian? I don't want to mess up the mouth-watering vegetarian menu with my bad translation. But trust me - from aubergine caviar to quinoa seed soup with organic ricotta cheese - it all sounds delicious! 

Not in town this Thursday? No worries. With the start of 2013 the team at Tre Cristi plans to spoil Siena's population and tourists looking for a treat with a vegetarian gourmet menu every Thursday night.

"VERDE INDIVIA - Il vegetariano da pelle d’ oca", gourmet vegetarian dinner in Siena
Every Thursday night, 30 € per person (drinks excl.) 
Vicolo di Provenzano, 1/7

Best book beforehand:; 

Phone: +39 0577 280608

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