Thought if the Italians do it, you can do it too? These were the good old times. Speeding, bad parking and drink-driving are no longer part of the Italian way of life. Okay, the rules of the road still aren't as strictly followed as in Northern Europe, but things have definitely changed during the past decade. 

Vespa parking in Siena's town center

With driving being more strict now, it's only right that paying your fine should become easier too. Siena and many other of Italy's tourist destinations have finally installed online payment. Click through to the website of Siena's town council to get done with it right away.

  • Click on Pagamento Sanzioni Ammv.(road fines) on the left 
  • Targa del veicolo asks for the number plate of your (rental) car 
  • Numero del verbale is where you write the number on the fine that has been sent to you. However to make things a bit more complicated (we're in Italy after all), you have to be sure to leave out the "/" and use capital letters only. 
  • Anno verbale year in which you've got the fine (last century - forget about it!) 

Still too complicated? You better keep trying, as Hertz or Avis won't be prepared to pay on your behalf. Car rentals retain the right to detract the money for a road fine from your credit card even once your Italy holiday is a thing of the distant past. 

Driving in Siena: small is beVespa parking in Siena's town center autiful

Parking in Siena ain't cheap. 1.70€ is the hourly rate in most parking lots. However Siena's main car parks are all in easy walking distance from the town center and directions are well signed out (my kids especially like the steep escalators leading up into town from the Fontebranda parking). In any case don't drive into the historic town center, unless you have a special permit from your hotel or B&B. 

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