People have the Power - Patti Smith
Piazza del Campo, summer 2012

I know Siena can get a little frustrating at times. If you're after night life that is. Un Tubo, the new music club called into life by Siena's famous restaurant Le Logge has already closed down. The amazing space - just recently finely restored by Montalcino architect Marco Pignattai - didn't last long. A few concerts, art events and jam sessions by Siena's Jazz school and six months after opening the manager of Un Tubo had to give in. Too much trouble with the town council, too little support from everybody else. (Positive update: Un Tubo is open again! Check for events and concerts here).

Last summer just when Un Tubo was opening up, we had an aperitif there before Patti Smith's fantastic concert in Piazza del Campo. We were all excited that Siena's town center was starting to get its night life back. If only! 

For the time being all we can do is to reminisce. Patti Smith's concert was stellar because she is Patti Smith. But also because of an ambiance on piazza del Campo that no other concert location can possibly measure up to. And even the moon played along. 

Who's that looking on behind la Torre del Mangia

Let's hope Patti is right. If people have the power, Siena can't but get more lively again at night.  

Update spring 2013: Luckily Un Tubo has reopened using a slightly different concept, but still proposing interesting gigs and fabulous ambiance. 
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