Winter day on Piazza del Campo, Siena
The wooden rice fritters stall on Piazza del Campo

February is the month of the year, when the immaculate panorama of piazza del Campo's medieval architecture is spoilt by... a wooden shack. First time I saw it, I wondered whether it was the new location of the tourist office. Luckily not. The temporary wooden construction unveils much more exciting pleasures. 

Always put up in time for carnival, the Savelli rice fritters stall is a staple of Siena's winter diet. Price range is from 2 to 25 Euro and people either take a bag back home or eat them right away on piazza del Campo. Sitting down and eating the fritters on Siena's famous piazza is the perfect option, as they taste best when eaten warm. And it also means, that you can just pop back for another serving.

Rice fritters paradise from February to March on Siena's piazza del Campo
Savelli's frittelle stall on Piazza del Campo 

Nothing but rice, flour and orange peal the fritelle di San Giovanni are a perfect lunch option or second breakfast for vegetarians in Siena (albeit a heavy one as they're fried in oil), and just an obvious must stop for the rest of the population.

Mario Savelli's team is frying it up every year until the 19th of March - Saint Joseph's day (hence
the name of the fritters). If you're a foodie at heart you won't come back to Siena for Palio - but in February, for a handful of frittelle di San Giuseppe eaten on a tourist-free piazza del Campo. 
Wondering about the recipe? Check out the website of Jul's Kitchen, Siena's fabulous food blogger, who will teach you (with the help of stunning photos) how to prepare true Tuscan rice fritters back at home. 

Frittelle di San Giuseppe - rice fritters on piazza del Campo, Siena

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