With the financial mess Siena is in right now, you'd think free cultural events are a thing of the past. But quite to the contrary, they keep popping up all over the town. 

SATURDAY, 18th of May starts off with another appointment of RSVP, an initiative that brings contemporary art to the medieval heart of the city and some of its most beautiful privately owned buildings. From 4.30 pm to 8 pm you can explore a Siena most of us have never seen. Three generous and art loving house owners open the doors of their homes for the artworks of Vedovamazzei, Ettore Favini and Emanuele Becheri - and for you and me. 

RSVP - contemporary art in Siena

For exact location of the improvised 'galleries' check RSVP's Siena map. Or just start off at Galleria Fuori Campo (via Salicotto, 1/3), where the organizers can tell you how best to go about it.  

If all the contemporary stuff made you feel dizzy, have a bite to eat and then chill out in front of Simone Martini and friends. Three of Siena's art museums have joined the museum night initiative, which once a year proposes free night time museum visits all through Europe.

Catch the chance to look down on piazza del Campo by night from the Torre del Mangia or join a guided visit at the civic museum inside Palazzo Pubblico to admire Martini's Maestà or Lorenzo Ambrogetti's wonderful Good and Bad Government (from 9pm to 11.30 pm). 

Siena's Pinacoteca (home to many stunning but lesser known paintings) will stay open till midnight with a theater performance in the courtyard at 9.30 pm, whereas the Santa Maria della Scala museum is open to the public from 9 pm to 11.30 pm. All of it for free. You better take advantage and invest the saved money in some Tuscan wine afterwards! Or just leave a donation. The city could use it. 

For exact location check our Siena museum map

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