Due to the banking crisis Siena is indeed a Baustelle right now (more on this in my interview with the head of SIENA2019). But the German word for construction site is also the name of a popular Italian indie band, which is about to rock the town. 

Originally from Montepulciano, Baustelle by now have breached the indie label and have become one of the best known and most innovative players in the Italian pop scene. The Siena and Stars summer music festival, will bring the three Baustelle musicians back to their homeland for a concert in piazza del Duomo. 

Their latest album Fantasma (Ghost) was released last winter, and the 2013 tour will see the band accompanied by no less than a 48 person symphony orchestra. 

SIENA AND STARS: BAUSTELLE -  Sunday 28th of July, 2013
Concert starts at 9.15 pm in piazza del Duomo (the square in front of Siena's cathedral). Tickets from 25 Euro.  

You can find more info about Baustelle and the wines of their famous Tuscan hometown on my Brunello di Montalcino blog

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