No better night for some serious Tuscan wine tasting in Siena than the 10th of August, the night of San Lorenzo when Siena's best museums will stay open from 9 pm to midnight. For an Italian wide yearly wine event called Calici di Stelle, wine tastings are organized inside the museums by the city's sommelier association.  

Start with a visit to the civic museum in piazza del Campo and admire the works of Simone Martini and Lorenzo Ambrogetti. Entrance is only 5€ (normally 8€) and you'll get a glass of wine included in that price!

Or do some wine tasting and a night time art exploration at the Santa Maria della Scala museum, whilst listening to live music organized by the Siena Jazz foundation (free entrance, tasting 5 €). And as you're there don't miss out on the current show by American photographer Steve McCurry, which will stay open till midnight too (tickets 10€ including audio guide). 

A slice of piazza del Campo with Torre del Mangia
Visit the Mangia tower by night and see piazza del Campo from above.
But better start on the wine after the climb (9 pm to midnight, entrance 8 €)

I'll be on my way to Switzerland on August 10, but if I was in town I'd be sipping my wine at Palazzo Sansedoni. Apart of Palazzo Pubblico, the most beautiful building on piazza del Campo, palazzo Sansedoni is owned by the Monte dei Paschi bank and normally not open to the public. During the night of San Lorenzo the luxurious insides of Palazzo Sansedoni and Cappella del Beato can be visited with a glass of Tuscan red in hand (entrance free, tasting 5€). 

And remember to look up when moving from one museum to the next. In Italy, the night of San Lorenzo is called the night of shooting stars. But no worries if you can't get your nose out of your wine glass. You'll have plenty of time for wish making during the rest of the month. The Tuscan sky is a firework of shooting stars all through August. 

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