I'm planning to write about Siena's National Museum (the Pinacoteca Nazionale) in detail in 2014, but before the old year is on its way out a quick reminder to visit the treasure trove of Sienese art in case you happen to be in Siena during the Christmas holidays. Especially if you travel on a tight budget. Italy's ministry of culture has decided to offer free access to the country's state museums on the 28th of December as a Christmas gift to art loving Italian citizens and travelers. 

Apart of the extensive collection of Sienese art, the museum also offers some great views over the city and a well heated environment (just in case your hotel isn't). 

View from the Pinacoteca Nazionale over the roofs of Siena
The view from the first floor of the Pinacoteca Nazionale

If you're after free folklore not art, visit Siena's San Francesco church instead. The cloister of the former monastery exhibits 50 presepi, Italy's famous Christmas cribs displaying the nativity scene (free entrance, daily from 3.30 pm- 7 pm until the February 2). 

All state museums and archaeological sites will be free in Italy on the 28th (not in Siena? Ask the tourist office of the town you visit on the 28th which museums/sights belong to that category). In Siena the Pinacoteca is the only stately run museum and will stay open from 8.15 am to 7.15 pm. Also remember that you'll have free entrance to Italy's state museums on the day of your birthday. More information on Siena's museums on Map It Out's museum page.

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