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Joining the vibe of Pharrell Williams popular song, Siena 2019 has produced its own joyful video for the world day of Happiness 2014.  The video isn't just fun to watch (and dance along) but also fits a couple of points in Siena's bid book to become European Capital of Culture in 2019.  adapt, change and reuse any type of normally copyrighted material, is the idea behind  Copywrong. This must be exactly what Pharrell must have been hoping would happen to his song to make the world's first 24 hour video go viral (obviously always with a reference to the man himself).   Play the City  is supposed to bring in the sound. Choirs and young orchestras will get Siena to vibrate and provide ample opportunities for a dance or two. Music therapy will be a focus of Play the City and hopefully bring us much happiness into town as Pharrell's song.   Still Dancing will provide technical and medical support to make sure everybody can join the fun - handicappe


Fresco by Sano di Pietro in one of Palazzo Pubblico's six secret rooms STANZE SEGRETE / SECRET ROOMS at PALAZZO PUBBLICO, piazza del Campo Upcoming dates:  March 22/23, 2014;  May 21/22, 2014 If you've been to Siena countless times, you may think you know it all. But you don't. Because you couldn't. Not even I - the famous writer of an arty-farty blog about Siena - have seen all of the Renaissance frescoes at Siena's civic museum yet.  For a reason. Palazzo Pubblico in piazza del Campo may be one of Siena's main sights (think famous frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Simone Martini), but many of its beautifully adorned rooms are normally off-limits to the general public. Unless you happen to be in town for one of the guided visits which take place only a couple of times a year and grant you access to the hidden rooms with frescoes by Sienese masters like Sano di Pietro, Lippo Memmi and Il Sodoma.  Guided visits at: 1 0:30 - 11:30 -   12:30 -   16