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VINTAGE MARKET AND 1930s PARTY IN SIENA: Saturday April 5, 2014

Considering how much Italy's image is linked to its 20th century icons (from Sophia Loren, Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni to Vespa and Fiat 500), it always surprises me how difficult it is to find a decent vintage store. Gucci and Fendi outlets may be thriving in Tuscany, but you're better off in London or Zurich, if you're after a dress Gina Lollobrigida or Eleonora Duse could have worn. 

Whether baby clothes or evening gowns, the majority of Italians prefer new to second hand, and whilst antique furniture markets are a monthly staple of many a Tuscan town, garage sales and vintage stores have never really gotten off the ground in this country.   

In Siena Aloe & Wolf is an exemption to the rule. The vintage shop in via Porrione has become a well loved staple in town and has every reason to celebrate its successful 10th year in business (yes, Kate Moss stopped and shopped here too). 

SWINGING ON PORRIONE: SATURDAY 5th of APRIL, 2014 from 6pm to midnight

Via del Porrione will look like a film set on Saturday night with street bands (thanks to Siena Jazz), Lindy Hop flash mobs and food stalls and restaurants joining in. All off it with a hat tip to the 1930s. Whether you want to buy a pair of vintage shoes or try a hot dog Al Capone style, everybody is welcome - as long as you're dressed to impress. 

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