I'm busy helping prepare our Tuscan village's Festa dell'Uva, the harvest festival 2014. But if I wasn't turning moldy medieval cellars into improvised bars stacked with Montecucco wine I'd be giving a hand in Siena today.

Not just Palio horses and Renaissance art.
Join Siena's Magenta Day!


If you explore the Tuscan city today skip Duccio, Pinturicchio and the cathedral for a change and join some contemporary pink frenzy instead. From 10 am the Magenta Day takes over Siena's town center and no matter whether you're a local, an American tourist or one of the refugees who arrived this summer - everybody is invited to join in. Participate and experience for yourself how contemporary culture and innovation are - at last! - back in town. Siena is competing to become European Capital of Culture in 2019 - and judging from today's program SIENA 2019 is doing one hell of a job!

Starting off with a children's event at 10 am in the kids' section of the Santa Maria della Scala museum, a flash mob follows in piazza Gramsci, whilst celebrations obviously also have to take place in via Magenta (magenta road), which will be turned into a Siena 2019 hot spot from 4 pm. At the same time a human chain will form to connect Porta Camollia to Porta Romana along the former pilgrims' and merchant roads that brought Siena to fame and wealth in the Middle Ages. Express your support for Siena's bid to become ECoC2019 by linking arms with whoever is next to you. 

If you love a good old treasure hunt visit piazza Salimbeni from 5 to 5.30pm. You'll be supplied with indications of ten locations in Siena. Find them and take a pic of each on your smart phone or camera before making your way back to piazza Salimbeni. The first ten people or groups of city explorers, who have found the right locations will receive a Siena2019 kit. 

After all the running around enjoy a glass of Tuscan artisan beer at stylish birreria Diana during the inauguration of a photo exhibition about Siena and its people. Then it's time to join the final event (street art and live music), which couldn't but happen in piazza del Campo. For more info check the Siena 2019 website or follow the committee's facebook page

I have to go now and unload more cases of wine - but once you've finished giving a hand in Siena come and join us over the weekend for some partying in the Maremma. My Tuscan village is no runner up for ECoC 2019, but we'll have a good time nevertheless. And if you think our festival is the typical fake medieval fare you better watch this: Wine Harvest Festival in Cingiano

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