Torre's jockey Brio winning the July Palio 2015 on Morosita Prima
Jockey Brio during the fourth trial race on horse Morosita Prima running for Contrada della Torre (here passing in front of the blue and white wearing members of enemy contrada dell'Onda)

A false start happened after nearly an hour of waiting for horses and jockeys to properly align in piazza del Campo. Then more waiting and even worrying that with night falling the Palio may have to be postponed to the next day.* But it was worth the long wait to see contrada della Torre win.  

The only neighborhood in Siena with two enemy contrade had both of them - Onda and Oca - present in the race. In fact Onda was following sharp, but Torre's horse Morosita Prima and its experienced jockey Brio turned the Torre neighborhood into the celebrated winners of the Palio della Madonna di Provenzano 2015. Brio (born in Sovicille near Siena as Andrea Mari) has participated in 21 Palios and has won its fifth one tonight. 

Contrada della Torre hadn't won since the Palio of the 16th of August 2005. Ten years may seem like a long time, but is nothing compared to the 44 years that the Torre contrada members had to wait for a win after the one of the 16th of August 1961. 

*The last time a Palio had to be postponed to the following day because of insufficient day light on piazza del Campo was in July 1991. Contrada della Tartuca won the Palio della Madonna di Provenzano hence not as usual on July 2 but on July 3, 1991.
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