Two elderly many reading the newspaper whilst waiting for the Palio horse race in Siena

Desperate for Palio tickets? 

They are hard to find unless you reserve them months or even years ahead. The easiest option is to join the rest of the crowd, who's watching the Palio for free from the middle of piazza del Campo, which is just the way most Sienese see the race. 

However, this year the municipality of Siena has 23 last minute tickets available for the Palio dell'Assunta 2015Prepare to stand in the queue for them, but with 150€ per ticket it's well worth the effort (seated tickets normally start from 250€ and go all the way up to 500€ per person). 


The tickets are for the seats on the palchetti, the seated wooden stages built up especially for the race all the way round piazza del Campo. The seats are located between via di Dupré and Casato di Sotto, which is a great area to observe the wheeling and dealing between the jockeys before the race. 

The Palio tickets are sold from 10 am on Saturday August 15 in Via Casato di Sotto (number 23) at Economato Office, access via the tipografia - a printing business - to the right. Make sure you are there way before 10 am or expect to join a long queue. Also, note that not more than two tickets can be bought per person. 

Good luck!

Find more information in Italian on the comune di Siena's Palio website and for a quick introduction to the world's oldest horse race read What is the Palio?

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