Siena is a fabulous place to visit in winter when culturally minded travelers will get the city's museums all to themselves.

But the same travelers may also note that Siena's cultural calendar isn't much to boast about during the darker months of the year. Hence, an international dance festival taking place in the middle of winter in the beautiful Teatro dei Rinnovati is more than a welcome surprise! 

MOVE OFF 2018 - January 31 to February 2

  • January 31: "It's between us"- Just Us Dance Theater (UK) and  "di angeli, di dei, di uomini"- Freies Tanz Ensemble (Germany). 
  • February 1: "Between"- MOMURO MOVEMENT LAB (Corea) and "Reflect"- Albanian Dancetheater Company (Albania). 
  • February 2: "DIS-CRIMINE"- MOTUS (Italia). 
Teatro Comunale dei Rinnovati, piazza del Campo, palazzo Pubblico: 9.15pm.  
Tickets 8 € (reduced 5€). The theater's ticket booth opens at 6pm.
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